Selling your property is more than just putting it on the market, conducting viewings and accepting an offer.  In fact, this is only 50% of what is involved in selling a property.  The other half of the process is the sales progression that moves your property sale through to successful completion.

What is ‘sales progression’?  This is the process of moving the sale from the point of acceptance of an offer through to exchange of contracts and, ultimately, successful completion. Whilst solicitors or qualified conveyancers deal with the legal paperwork of the contract and transfer documents, a number of other processes need to be managed. Mortgages usually need to be applied for, mortgage valuations need to be undertaken, Homebuyer or Building Surveys need to be carried out, specialist reports may be needed and in some instances a degree of renegotiation may be necessary. Where a chain is involved, someone needs to liaise between all the estate agents involved up and down the chain, and ensure all the appointed solicitors are updated.

Larger agencies today have centralised much of this ‘sales progression’ work. Smaller agencies tend to sub-contract it to third-party companies. In both instances the ‘sales progressors’ don’t know you, they don’t know your property, and in many instances they don’t know the area or even the city in which the property is being sold. At Moores, our own in-house, full-time, Negotiators, Kristy Marsden and Rachel Abbott, are on hand to deal with all the sales progression processes. They are able to answer questions from our clients and their purchasers regarding the process. They investigate any chains, in many cases having first hand knowledge of the other estate agents involved, and in each and every case they know the property itself.  Our Negotiators keep the lines of communication open from the day the property goes onto the market until the day of completion.

As an independent, family owned and operated, estate agency our negotiators work from a single sales office in Headingley, where each and every property we sell is located close by. We don’t handle sales in other towns or cities and Moores don’t send any progression work to centralised hubs. In addition, we would never ask a negotiator to handle the sale of a property which they didn’t know.   

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked regarding our sales progression service:

Who will look after my sale?

At the point of going onto the market your property will be assigned to one of our Negotiators; Rachel or Kristy. They will provide you with weekly (if not more frequent) updates regarding interest levels and with viewing feedback.  Once an offer is received, your assigned Negotiator will progress your sale.

Do I get a chance to meet my Negotiator?

Absolutely!  We believe putting a face to a name is key to great customer service.  Our office is open 7 days a week and an appointment can be arranged for you to call-in and meet your Negotiator personally. If you can’t visit us easily we will endeavour to meet you at the property being sold, or even your own home if you don’t live at the property but live locally.  Building relationships with our clients is integral to what we do.   

What happens if my Sales Negotiator is away from the office?

Don’t worry, Rachel and Kristy work closely with each other and report directly to Michael Davies, one of our Associate Partners.  Your Property Log is updated after any call, email or report/update we receive. Michael Davies can seamlessly step-in should your Negotiator be away for a lengthy period; you’re not expected to wait until they return – our work progressing your sale will continue in their absence.  

Will my Negotiator have viewed my property?

It is our policy that your Negotiator will know your property. We often arrange for them to visit your property even before the first viewing, to understand the layout and orientation, and any nuances the property may have.  You know the property better than anyone, so a guided tour from you prior to the first viewing is often useful, if you are available.  It may not always be your assigned Negotiator that conducts the viewings, but our viewers are armed with fact sheets about your property enabling our team to ‘step into your shoes’ with their professional sales skills and experience.

We don’t want any of clients to feel frustrated by the sales process.  We firmly believe we offer the best service out there.  We are #moorethananestateagent