Buying property for sale in Leeds

When buying, consider all your personal requirements before booking viewings. What do you need from a property rather than what do you want should also be considered. If you would like a double garage but need four bedrooms perhaps that two and a half bedroom semi you were looking at won’t really satisfy your needs with the twins still sharing a bedroom – even if the car and motorbike will be housed snuggly at night!

Consider the room sizes from the floor plans of the agent’s details, will your furniture fit or will you have to buy new? And if you’re good at DIY, would the house with the older bathroom and kitchen on offer at £40,000 less than the renovated one be a better investment for you?

Above all else, consider location. There are 3 important things when buying a house – location, location, location. You can always alter a property but you can’t lift it and relocate it nearer to work, schools or your in-laws (or away from them!) as the case may be.

If you need a mortgage to buy your next property please arrange a mortgage offer, in principle, BEFORE VIEWING any properties. Sellers and estate agents are happy to show you around available properties but there’s no point you wasting your time or theirs if you cannot raise the necessary finance to be able to purchase the property should you fall in love with it.

Selling homes in Leeds

When selling, it’s important to consider the strategy you should use. Do you need to sell quickly? Do you need to attain the maximum price – even if it means waiting 6 months? Discuss the need for your move in detail with us and we will develop a strategy to suit your circumstance.

Choosing the right agent is the key to a successful sale. Are you happy to do viewings yourself, including evenings and weekends? What time do you get home from work? Do you have weekend commitments? Are you happy to wait in on a Sunday until 3pm for the viewers to turn up when you could be doing something else? In these cases use an agent that does viewings 7 days a week. Use Moores – it is our objective to make your sale as hassle-free as possible. That way, you’ll recommend us to family and friends!

Presenting your house is vitally important. A clean, tidy, uncluttered house, even if not well decorated or modernised, can still sell efficiently if presented in the right way. Let Moores give you their advice using their 30 years’ experience of selling property in north Leeds.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us. We’d love to help you with your sale or purchase.

­­­I rented with Moores for three years and they were brilliant for the whole process, from signing contracts to returning my deposit in full and promptly with no issue. Angie was fantastic throughout – a real asset to the team. A great family-run company, I can’t recommend enough.

– Lorna Upton

I’ve just left a Moores managed property after ten years renting there and I have always found them very professional. I liked the regular inspections, and maintenance always dealt with any issues quickly, even non-urgent ones. Communication was excellent, I’ve always been very happy with the service. I was sorry to leave.

– Hergerbabe Atkins

This is in addition to my review of three years ago. Having rented from Moores for slightly more than that period I can only say that every aspect of their service and that of the company’s personnel was outstanding. I strongly recommend them as highly capable, efficient and friendly.

– Roy Wood

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