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This may be the largest single investment you make. Don’t make a mistake. Research shows that many buyers think that a mortgage valuation by a bank or building society is a survey that will reveal defects about the property. It does not. A mortgage valuation is a superficial inspection, typically taking 30 minutes or so, designed to tell your lender whether the property will offer security should you fail to make your mortgage repayments. Sensible and prudent buyers need a detailed report, from independent chartered surveyor, who has only your interest at heart.

The principal types of inspection are:

Valuation of property

This is a concise report advising on the value of the property today. It is NOT a survey although it may give an opinion on the apparent condition of the property.

Building Survey

This is a much more detailed inspection. The report is a technical document, written in plain English, which may include photographs, a glossary of building terms and tips for future maintenance. It will highlight defects to the fabric and point out problems and issues that need rectifying either immediately or very soon after completion. These reports are well worth the investment.

Full Structural Survey

These inspections are very detailed and may go as far as looking under floors, lifting drain covers and arranging specialist contractors in some instances, to follow a suspicion through to an informed conclusion. These are ideal where you believe a structural issue already exists e.g. settlement of the foundations, broken drains, tree root problems, etc.

Report on Condition (for commercial leases)

If you are thinking of entering into a lease on a commercial property then you would be well advised to have an independent report on it’s condition. Lease terms usually involve the tenant accepting responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the property (this is often known as a full repairing lease). Our Report on Condition will provide an opinion of the condition of the property and how this will affect any tenant’s liability to repair under the terms of a proposed lease.

When buying homes in Leeds, use Moores expertise

We can arrange any of the above for you. Please contact our office on 01132742033 and ask for a quotation.

All you will need to do is tell our staff what sort of property you are buying, where it is located and the price you are proposing to pay, along with any suspicions you have regarding defects to the structure.

­­­I rented with Moores for three years and they were brilliant for the whole process, from signing contracts to returning my deposit in full and promptly with no issue. Angie was fantastic throughout – a real asset to the team. A great family-run company, I can’t recommend enough.

– Lorna Upton

I’ve just left a Moores managed property after ten years renting there and I have always found them very professional. I liked the regular inspections, and maintenance always dealt with any issues quickly, even non-urgent ones. Communication was excellent, I’ve always been very happy with the service. I was sorry to leave.

– Hergerbabe Atkins

This is in addition to my review of three years ago. Having rented from Moores for slightly more than that period I can only say that every aspect of their service and that of the company’s personnel was outstanding. I strongly recommend them as highly capable, efficient and friendly.

– Roy Wood

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