The festive season is fast approaching and there’s a tendency for anyone thinking of selling their property to now delay listing it on the market until the new year, expecting that no one will be interested. I would have agreed 30 years ago; estate agents didn’t advertise in the newspapers after the first week in December and everything was put on hold until the second week in January, when the kids were back at school and everyone had settled back into work.

Today, the market works in an entirely different way. In this digital age house hunting continues 24/7 and in fact activity on the Rightmove website dips only for Christmas Day (down around 50% on 7 days earlier at 1.3m viewers compared to 2.7m) yet traffic on Boxing Day last year was 2m, followed by 2.3m on the 27th until and it continued to grow. By New Years Eve it was over 3m and by the end of the first week in January it was over 4m.

Boxing Day sees a sudden recovery from the intensity of Christmas Day, with everyone trying out their new mobile phones, iPads, tablets, notebooks or PC’s, and what better site to look across than Rightmove with a myriad of colourful photos, floorplans and brochures? Over the Christmas break families soon find out the limitations of their current homes, when everyone is squeezed around a small table, bumping elbows for the gravy or that plate of pigs in blankets. The realisation that a house-move is needed, soon dawns.

This is followed by the discussion of New Year Resolutions, with a verbal commitment to make this year the house-move year. New Years Eve sees a flurry of activity on Rightmove, with new-to-the-market house hunters registering their property requirements for email alerts. By the time we arrive in the office the day after the new year break has ended our Inbox’s are full of Mailing List requests, applicant registrations and requests for viewings on the stock we currently have available.

If your property isn’t on the market over Christmas and the New Year period you’re missing out on 100’s if not 1’000’s of potential buyers in your area seeing your property. You don’t want them to see Christmas decorations on the photos, much as I’m an advocate for photos to be current/seasonal, so get your property listed before the decorations go up, get the photos taken and then sit back and wait for the response. You won’t have viewings Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, etc. so you can relax and enjoy yourself, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing your property is being looked at and seriously considered by prospective buyers ready to act the first few days into 2017.