We have supported Radio Aire’s Cash For Kids Mission Christmas appeal for a couple of years now. For those that don’t know, Mission Christmas aims to ensure that no child in our area wakes up on Christmas morning without a gift. According to the appeal, 1 in 4 local families live in poverty, and this year Mission Christmas had over 25,000 children registered in need of a gift for Christmas Day.

For as long as I can remember at Moores (and I’ve been here full time for nearly 8 years now and part time for many years before that!) we’ve always done an office Secret Santa. Good fun, but also hard when you have no idea what to get! We heard about the appeal on the radio a couple of years ago and our team unanimously decided that we should purchase toys for the appeal instead of doing our usual Secret Santa. We’ve carried on with this ever since.

To support the appeal we signed up as a drop off point for toys; so clients, customers and local residents could drop gifts off with us, instead of having to go down to Radio Aire’s HQ on Burley Road.  Thanks to those who got involved. In another way to support the appeal, it was agreed that on behalf of Moores I would volunteer for the charity on Monday 18th December. What a day it was!

I arrived just after 9am and got acquainted with fellow volunteers. I spent the morning sorting through gifts and putting them into the age appropriate boxes, before we could bag up gifts in accordance to the requests that Mission Christmas had received. Lunchtime onwards, I was out on the road with driver Terry (another volunteer) driving around Leeds City Centre, Crossgates and Morley collecting gifts from other businesses who had signed up as a drop off point also. On our return to Radio Aire I was shocked by how many gifts had arrived in just a few short hours. I helped make a start on sorting through some, but the more I sorted the more gifts arrived! Sadly my time volunteering soon came to an end (although I desperately wanted to stay!)

It was released this morning that the appeal has provided gifts for all 25,553 children registered. Well done to Cash For Kids, especially to Lisa and Lauren who are the superstars behind the campaign.

We’ll be supporting the appeal again next year and also volunteering more time to help. A few things I’ve learnt for next year; also buy for babies and teenagers and encourage friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to volunteer too!