I’ve been working at Moores for 18 months and the main thing I enjoy about my job is the variety that each sale brings. A case in point would be a recent sale I dealt with, where the elderly client had lived in the property for 40 + years.  He was very unfamiliar with the sales process, having not sold a property for a number of years, and was also dealing with the pressures of moving home without any family close by to help him on a practical level.

We sold the house for asking price, with 4 offers achieved in just a couple of weeks. Our client was delighted with the price but worried about moving his possessions and the process from this point. I reassured him that Moores could handle everything for him; from getting auctioneers round to value and take away things that could be sold, to arranging quotes from local solicitors and of course, removals.

The process was a bit overwhelming for my client at times although he always knew to pop into our office for reassurance that the sale was progressing well and that he would soon be moving house. I spent time at the property almost every week, running through the process with him and marking his possessions with little coloured stickers so that he could see what was going with him to his new property, what was being sold and what was being cleared. I liaised with the solicitor more often than I would normally and made sure that all relevant documentation was sent to them so the process continued smoothly. I was also on hand to help with the survey which unfortunately threw up an issue with an element of the property that we weren’t expecting. I spoke with my client and we were able to continue with the sale at asking price once we read through the report and spoke with the buyers.

On moving week I spent several hours at the house, making sure that all the furniture was going with the right people. My client and his family were extremely grateful for the additional time I had spent with him and I was sad on completion day to say goodbye. It gives me great satisfaction however to know that my client was happy with the outcome (although it was hard to bid farewell to the house he’d lived in for 40 years) and that I was able to go above and beyond my normal duties for someone who needed my help. I see staff at Moores do this on a daily basis, and I am proud to say that my colleagues and I always strive to be #moorethananestateagent.