As the days are becoming colder and darker, it’s important that we, as well as our homes, stay safe, warm and secure through the Winter months. Here are Moores’ Winter Home Maintenance Tips…

Prepare Your Boiler Settings

Properties need to be regularly heated throughout the colder months to ensure the property remains dry and warm. Routine timer settings should be put into place so that the property is kept suitably warm and dry – even when you are not in.  We recommend tenants set their heating to come on low at regular intervals whist they are away. This ensures the property does not have any issues with frozen pipes. A burst pipe can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to the property as well as damaging tenant belongings.

Prevent Mould

Mould thrives during Winter due to lack of ventilation, so opening windows and minimising moisture inside is important. This includes opening the windows or leaving them on a ventilation lock wherever possible. Tenants can also use a dehumidifier to help with damp or mould. Where possible, do not dry clothes inside and if you do, open a nearby window. Tenants can also open windows to allow steam from the bathroom or kitchen to escape.

Safe & Secure

Also remember to leave the property as secure as possible during your time away as thefts & burglaries increase over the festive period. If you have family or friends nearby, ask them to pop by whilst you are away to check all is well.

Christmas Care

Everyone loves a real Christmas Tree, however we do advise tenants who opt for a real tree to ensure they follow the advice set by the Fire Service. This includes not placing the tree near to a heat source, ensuring it is well watered and not to have it up longer than 2 weeks as it becomes a fire risk when it starts to dry out. We also recommend caution when using fairy lights in the house and burning candles. Please ensure these are out of use when leaving the property or going to sleep.

If you are living in a Moores managed property and need to report maintenance over the Christmas period, please do so in the usual way, through our maintenance portal:

Our emergency contractor will also be available out of hours as usual. Information can be found in the tenancy pack or on our website: