Video Tours

We provide video tours on our website, Rightmove and On The Market to help interested parties be absolutely sure they wish to proceed with an in-person viewing.

Video tours offer a realistic look inside properties and show a glimpse of life in the surrounding area. This helps renters and buyers confirm their feelings for a property (good OR bad!) before booking a viewing with us.

Only Showing Vacant Properties

For viewings at vacant properties, our negotiators will only enter to open the curtains and turn the lights on. They will then wait in their car to allow no more than two viewers (from the same household) to look inside the property.

We will not conduct viewings at occupied properties in order to minimise contact. Therefore, where the occupier is willing and it safe to do so, they will be asked if they wish to undertake the viewing themselves.

PPE Equipment

When we book a viewing, our negotiators will ask the viewer to wear a face covering and bring their own gloves and hand sanitiser. Our negotiators will do the same.

Covid-19 Viewing Declaration

Our process for qualifying in-person viewers includes completing a Covid-19 viewing declaration. We’ll ask simple questions such as, “have you or anyone in your household experienced symptoms of coronavirus within the last 14 days?”. This helps us understand whether it is safe for the viewer to proceed with an in-person viewing and in turn, keep our staff, tenants and sellers safe.