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Little Woodhouse – What’s Special About This Area

16th February 2018

Little Woodhouse is a little (forgive the pun) known area of Leeds which, as the local Community Ground would say, just ‘dips its eastern toe’ into Leeds city centre. Most would consider this ‘Hyde Park’, but in fact it has it’s own title. The area is situated to the south of well-known Woodhouse Moor, which is located at the top of the hill alongside the A660 Woodhouse Lane/Otley Road. It’s bordered to the south by the A65 Kirkstall Road, to the east by the Inner Ring Road and, technically, to the west as far as Cardigan Road – theoretically the Burley Lodges’ and the Carberry’s are included, although the majority refer to these streets as either Hyde Park or Burley.

To the south were industrial units, although recently many have been bulldozed to make way for student flats flanking the Kirkstall Road corridor, alongside hotels and casinos. To the east are Leeds University and the various hospitals for which Leeds is famous for. Little Woodhouse has an interesting topography, occupying gently sloping land and a steep escarpment which often provide properties with dramatic views across the Kirkstall Valley.

There are three conservation areas within the area, which include eighteenth century mansions and nineteenth century villas and terraces; a small housing estate built between the wars, four late twentieth century former council estates and densely packed late nineteenth century housing (LCC data). The green spaces include Woodhouse Square and Hanover Square, and four spaces formed from demolished housing sites, the Rosebank Millennium Green, “a piece of countryside in the town”, owned and maintained by local people, and the recently refurbished Benson Court, Alexandra Park and Royal Park Green.

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