How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

A little bit of a work makes a big difference when it comes to selling your property. Your future buyers are in search of a better lifestyle, not just four walls and a roof, so showing off your home’s full potential will go a long way.

Inside Conveyancing even reported that searches by buyers for properties with home-working friendly features like a bigger garden, home offices and nearby parks, increased significantly last year. So it’s a perfect time to showcase your home to buyers looking for a change.

Here are our top tips for presenting your property to achieve the best price:

Clean. This one goes without saying, but potential buyers will be impressed if they can see your home is cared for. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen are spotless and mould-free, dust all surfaces, vacuum the floors and clean the windows.

Let there be light. Lighting is powerful. Good lighting can shift a room’s mood from dull and boring to warm and welcoming. Open your curtains to allow natural light to flow in and add lamps or strip lights to dimly lit areas. This will make rooms appear bigger and more attractive. (Top tip: adding mirrors can open up a space beautifully, especially if they are reflecting an outside view!).

De-personalise. We agree that your children’s nursery school paintings show real potential… but they probably won’t speak to your buyers in the same way. Buyers will be trying to imagine their own taste and style throughout the property, so stick with classic, neutral décor and colours.

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Add matching towels, washcloths and a bathmat for a consistent theme and place some nice soap and plants for a clean spa-like atmosphere. These superficial changes can make a big difference and even make your bathroom, usually an unimportant space, seem like a heavenly place to relax after a hard day’s work.

Up your curb appeal. Buyers will often drive past your property to make sure they like it enough before booking a viewing. Then, they may arrive early to the viewing and have a few minutes to kill before the negotiator arrives. Where will they be looking this whole time? The outside of your property. This is a fantastic opportunity to impress potential buyers before they’ve even stepped inside. Make sure to cut the grass, trim weeds, clear the path and driveway and water the flowers. If you don’t have any flowers, adding some colourful potted plants from the supermarket will do.

Let’s talk paperwork…

Estate agents often see delays due to a simple lack of paperwork, so preparing your ‘house folder’ is a great way to speed up the selling process and avoid unnecessary stress. It’s also a good project to work on during lockdown!

Ask yourself, ‘what will potential buyers want to know about my property?’, and prepare your answers in advance. This level of preparation will give your buyers confidence in putting an offer forward.

Here is what we recommend:

– Information on warranties

– Information on appliance installation dates

– Planning permissions

– Interesting information about the property’s surrounding area – eg, the most highly rated schools, nearby parks that make wonderful dog walks, your favourite café for Sunday Brunch etc. If you take an interest in your home, others will too!

For leasehold properties you should prepare:

– A copy of the lease

– Most recent Ground Rent and Service Charge demand

– Contact details for Block Managing Agents

– Information on any scheduled or planned maintenance on the building e.g. hallways being redecorated, roofs being recovered, etc.

Are you thinking of selling your home?

If you have any further questions, your estate agent will be happy to offer advice during a market appraisal. We are currently offering in-person market appraisals for unoccupied properties, or desktop appraisals on occupied properties – click here to find out more.

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