I speak to a lot of landlords who are tempted to use a managing agent but then say they don’t think anything will ever happen that they wouldn’t be able to deal with themselves. Having worked at Moores for 10 years I could say I have seen it all, however, I am still surprised by something every week as the letting industry really can throw up the most bizarre and worrying issues. I thought I would share our emergencies from this last week:

Friday at 5:30pm: I took a call from our new tenants who had collected their keys to their new home earlier that day. Upon arriving at the property an unforeseen maintenance emergency was uncovered, which could have prevented them from being able to stay in the property over the weekend. The tenants thought they would have to stay with family as “nothing could be done over a weekend” – they were wrong! A quick call to our emergency contractor and he downed tools at another job and went straight to the property to help. By 6:45pm I had the call to say all was well, the issue had been sorted and the tenants were now unpacking. Not bad for Friday night – could you get a contractor to help you so quickly on an evening?

Saturday at 2pm: A tenant called to say he had locked himself out of the property and needed to get back in ASAP. 30 minutes later he had our management set of keys and could get back into his home. As we are open 7 days a week problems like this are nice and simple to resolve. If you are a landlord that lives away from Leeds then this would have been a tricky one to sort quickly.

Tuesday at 1pm: We took a call from a tenant to advise his neighbours flat was on fire in a building which is managed by Moores. By 1:30pm I had met the Fire Brigade at the building who had confirmed that thanks to a well maintained fire alarm system (routinely inspected by Moores) and a quick thinking neighbouring tenant the fire had not had time to take hold. Minimal damage was caused and everyone was safe. The flat door had to be broken down for the Fire Brigade to enter. Our tenant will be getting his new door this morning (less than 48 hours after the emergency) and he is very grateful to us and to his neighbour for the quick thinking. The landlord of the building was away from Leeds at the time on holiday, and was relieved to hear we had attended and that everything had been sorted for him.

This is a typical working week for Moores (admittedly the fire was thankfully something we don’t encounter very often) but it shows that a crisis can happen to any landlord and when an emergency situation does develop you need a managing agent that can respond quickly and professionally. Quick reaction times mean minimal damage to properties, minimal stress to tenants and landlords and no chance of compensation claims from unhappy customers.

Many landlords that manage their own properties will live away from Leeds, work full time and take holidays – what would you do if any of these scenarios popped up at your property? A managing agent can give you peace of mind that everything is looked after for you.

These emergencies were in addition to the other maintenance issues we have dealt with and resolved this week; gas leaks, boiler troubles and appliance break downs to name a few. We have reliable contractors who specialize in all these fields only a phone call away.

If you have a rental property and would like to discuss our management service in more detail then please call or email me and we can have a chat – 0113 2399750 / [email protected]

Angie Wright – Assistant Rentals Manager