We are excited to share with you our new interactive map features, which show schools, transport and local amenities close to properties which we market for sale and for rent.

To view these features, enter your property criteria on our ‘Property Search’ page. Select the property you are interested in and scroll down the page until you reach the tabs with the ‘Photos’ showing first. Click ‘Locations’. The first map you will see is the ‘Street’ map, showing a map of the street and the location of the property on that street. This map can be scaled in and out according.

Next click on the ‘Schools’ tab – this is the start of our new features! Here it will pin the property on the map and show the nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools nearby. Again, this can be scaled in and out accordingly. If you hover over one of the school icons it gives the distance to the property and using the keys and filters in the bottom left and top right of the map you can read the Ofsted rating, schools information and much more!

Schools Map

Next click on ‘Transport’. This shows all railway stations close to the property and like the schools, if you hover on the station icon it also gives the distance from the property. Furthermore, if you click on the icon then you can even enter your destination station and it brings up the next departing train!

Transport Map

Finally, if you click on the ‘Amenities’ tab this will bring up the amenities close to the property – from shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, supermarkets, places of worship, parks and even dentists! Again, hovering over the icon gives the distance from the property and clicking the icon gives more information on each amenity too, including a link to its own website (if applicable).

Amenities Map

We hope that you will find the maps useful!