After managing a property in Weetwood for over 15 years for a landlord the time came earlier this year for him to sell.  With the sale nearing completion and him living away from Leeds he asked Moores to arrange for the furniture to be cleared. Given our links to Sue Ryder – Wheatfields Hospice we called them first to arrange for them to collect the items.  On the day of collection we met them at the property to allow access and waited whilst they loaded up their van.  Sue Ryder take their donations straight to their charity shops around Leeds so the items would have been available in their shops that same day! This arrangement cost the Landlord nothing and it helps a local charity.  We chose Sue Ryder in this instance given our fundraising links to Wheatfields, but we have previously arranged a collection through the British Heart Foundation at another property.  We are happy to arrange the collection of furniture items by any charity chosen by our clients needing this service.