From 1st June the current 6-month notice period to terminate an Assured Shorthold Tenancy in England is being reduced to 4 months.

Pre-Coronavirus Act 2020, the notice period was 2 months. The Act extended that period to 6 months and we all expected it to revert to 2 months once again. That isn’t the case. There is going to be a phased approach to follow Step 3 and Step 4 of the Government’s Roadmap. Assuming the new Covid Indian variant doesn’t delay the Roadmap, the 2 months notice period will recommence from the 1st October 2021.

There are shorter notice periods for serious cases that merit earlier possession orders being granted:

  • Anti-social behaviour (immediate 4 weeks’ notice)
  • False statement (2 to 4 weeks’ notice)
  • Over 4 months’ accumulated rent arrears (4 weeks’ notice)
  • Breach of immigration rules ‘Right to Rent’ (2 weeks’ notice)
  • Death of a tenant (2 months’ notice)
  • Landlords undertaking their own management of a property must serve the correct notice on a tenant. Failure to do so is likely to lead to a court application being rejected, and the serving of notice having to start over.

One would like to think buy-to-let landlords never have to resort to meeting these ever-changing timeframes. However, the reality is that no matter how good a landlord’s tenant selection process is, or how robust the tenant referencing, there will inevitably be instances where the legal process has to be implemented in order to obtain possession of a property. Never has there been a better time when a buy-to-let landlord should employ the services of a professional managing agent to look after their property.

If you have a rental property in north Leeds or Leeds city centre that you are considering putting in the hands of a managing agent, please let us provide you with a quote. We have over 30 years’ experience of successfully managing property in Leeds, with a number of clients who have retained us from the start. We have a range of letting services to suit landlords with large portfolios or single properties. Find out more about them here.