As a landlord you are inundated with options when choosing a managing agent and we appreciate it must be difficult to decide which agent is the best agent for you.

At Moores we have always known our key selling point to a landlord is that we have always been and will continue to be an independent local agent. We tend not take on business beyond a 5 mile radius of our office as we firmly believe it is extremely difficult to manage a property productively from a great distance. We have seen many agents come and go over the years after choosing to spread themselves thinly over a large area, some managing properties over 200 miles away. Having worked at Moores for over 11 years I have been able to see how being a local agent and managing local properties is the best way to ensure a quality service is delivered each and every time. I would advise landlords to consider the following perks that come with choosing a local agent:

-A local agents key core area knowledge is invaluable. Moores have worked in Headingley for over 30 years and have long term members of staff who live in the surrounding suburbs. Areas change dramatically over time and being placed in the same area and only taking on properties within that area means we can deliver bespoke quality area knowledge to our customers. I’m not sure how an agent in Bournemouth could advise a potential tenant on what the traffic conditions are like on Otley Road at 5pm on a Friday?

-The valuation of your property will be the first thing you ask your agent to do. A local agent will undoubtedly be more accurate with a valuation on your property having had years of experience in the local market. We know from experience that certain streets and postcodes in Leeds have a buzz around them and will no doubt increase the potential rental value, something an out of town agent will be unsure on.

-A very simple yet important perk of having a local agent is the distance between their office and your rental property. Being close by comes in handy when a tenant calls having being locked out, or a landlord would like a quick meeting after visiting their property. We also instruct local contractors to carry out maintenance on our management properties and a plumber is much more willing to visit a property just 3 miles down the road over having to hop onto the M62 on a Saturday afternoon.

-Moores have become heavily involved in local community groups and charities so that we are we are fully submerged in the local area. This brings with it additional knowledge on future changes to an area and also develops our local contacts which in the end ensures we have a great local client database.

I think most people like the idea of working with a local business, whether it be choosing a family owned restaurant to eat in over a chain, choosing vintage furniture over Ikea’s bulk offerings or supporting a local football team (even if they don’t win very often) over a big club. As an independent local agent we bring with us sound awareness of “our patch” and most importantly a personal touch with our customer service. Landlords will be looked after by our one office that knows the area backwards and has a team that lives in the local area who can highlight the key features very effectively.  Any landlord looking for a local managing agent can give me a call on 0113 2742033 and I can let you know about our Full Management Service.