It’s safe to say that in the world of professional lettings anything can happen and when tenancies end landlords can be anxious about what the final inspection will uncover. Ideally a landlord will receive their property back 100% clean and damage free, however this lovely thought is a little unrealistic and so Moores are on hand to swiftly (and correctly) resolve issues to try and avoid lengthy disputes.

Our experience has shown us that the top 3 bond claims are for cleaning, damage and gardening works. There will be times when tenants are happy to pay for issues attributed to their tenancy, and there will be times when they are not so happy to do so, and they have the right to dispute proposed bond deductions. Landlords need to be prepared for this and Moores can help.

Firstly, it is essential that a landlord takes a bond for a new tenancy. Issues can soon add up and if there is no bond then damage costs are left with the landlord so never be tempted to waive the bond when signing tenants up. We believe that when a tenant agrees to pay a bond it ensures they have every incentive to care for the property as they want this money back when their tenancy ends. The main goal for agents, landlords and tenants is to have the full bond returned. At the end of the day nobody wants to get into a dispute, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one.

Moores use the TDS to register all bonds. The TDS offer an arbitration process which allows Moores and the tenant to put their case forward regarding proposed bond deductions. I am happy to report that we rarely need to use this service as we try and resolve all disputes ourselves, something which is taken care of by our well-trained negotiators. Whilst the arbitration process is a useful tool it can be very time consuming so we always promote compromise and conversation with ex-tenants and landlords. We work in a people business and I really do believe that most disputes can be resolved with an honest and open conversation between all parties. We have over 650 bonds registered with the TDS and have made only 7 claims in 2017 which saw just over £2000 in disputed bond money being awarded to the landlords involved following successful case wins by Moores.

I would be happy to speak to any landlords needing help with this increasingly tricky area of professional lettings. Bond disputes need time, patience and attention to detail which can be difficult when day to day life gets in the way – that is what we are here for and more importantly what we are trained for!

I am attending a TDS seminar in November to polish my bond dispute skills. I am also hoping to learn some new techniques which we can implement to ensure Moores continue to successfully navigate bond disputes so that our landlords remain well protected. My Motto……hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

I can be contacted on 0113 2399750 or by email [email protected]