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As professional estate agents for over 30 years we want to ensure any price we give you is as accurate as possible. Factors which we need to appreciate are:

  • Floor area – very few properties have identical floor areas, especially where extensions have been added or lofts or basements have been converted. Floor areas can vary by 20%+
  • Condition – properties vary considerably in terms of both the structural and decorative condition. Values simply based on condition can vary by more than 10%
  • Gardens – gardens vary in size, shape, topography and shading even before considering content and landscaping
  • Position – although “location” pre-determines a property’s price range, where the actual value sits within that range varies depending upon the exact position

On-line valuation tools are fun to play with but the algorithms that power them are based on “averages” with adjustment for inflation. We have come across very few instant appraisals that truly reflect open market value.

We have seen numerous on-line sales where the property was sold on the first viewing, for us to sell an almost identical property for 5% or even 10% more within a few weeks. Losing £30,000 or more on the price is hardly made up by saving on a professional agents sales fee.

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Many thanks to all at Moores in bringing the sale to its conclusion

-Mr & Mrs Woodall, whose property in Headingley Moores has recently sold

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